Publications and Work in Progress


A. Christin, E. Ollion. 2012. Contemporary Sociology in the United States [La Sociologie Aujourd’hui aux Etats-Unis]. Paris, La Découverte, Repères.

A. Christin. 2008. Emergency Hearings : Inquiry on a Judicial Practice [Comparutions Immédiates : Enquête sur une Pratique Judiciaire], Paris, La Découverte, Textes à l’appui.

Peer-reviewed articles

A. Christin. 2016. “Is Journalism a Transnational Field? Asymmetrical Interactions and Symbolic Domination in Online News,”  The Sociological Review. 64 (2): 212-234 PDF

A. Christin. 2015. “Sex, Scandals, and Celebrities. Exploring the Determinants of Popularity in Online News. About Journalism/Sur le Journalisme, 4 (2): 28-47. PDF

A. Christin. 2012. “Gender and Highbrow Cultural Participation in the United States.” Poetics, 40 (5), 423-443. PDF

A. Christin, P. Pasquali. 2011. “Caméra, Terrain et Sciences Sociales. Présentation.” Revue de Synthèse, 132 (6), 3, 319-324. PDF

A. Christin. 2011. “Le Rôle de la Socialisation Artistique durant l’Enfance: Genre et Pratiques Culturelles Légitimes aux États-Unis.” Réseaux, 168-169 (4), 59-86. PDF

A. Christin. 2006. “Jurys Populaires et Juges Professionnels en France. Ou Comment Approcher le Jugement Pénal,” Genèses, 65, 138-150. PDF

Other publications and essays (selected)

A. Christin. 2016. Models in Practice. Reading Weapons of Math Destruction. Points, October 26, 2016.

A. Christin. 2016. “From Daguerreotypes to Algorithms: Machines, Expertise, and Three Forms of Objectivity.” Computers & Society, 46 (1), 27-32. PDF

A. Christin. 2016. “The Hidden Story of How Metrics Are Being Used in Courtrooms and Newsrooms to Make More Decisions.” Ethnography Matters, “Co-Designing With Machines” Special Issue.

A. Christin, A. Gramain, and F. Weber. 2016. “Money & Value. Twenty Years after Viviana Zelizer’s The Social Meaning of Money” Books & Ideas / La Vie des idées.

A. Christin, A. Rosenblat, and d. boyd. 2015. Courts and Predictive Algorithms. Primer for the Data & Civil Rights Conference: A New Era of Policing and Justice (Washington, D.C., October 27, 2015).

A. Christin. 2015. Web Analytics in the Workplace: What Amazon and Web Newsrooms Have in Common — and Where They Differ. LSE Impact Blog, “Politics of Data” Series.

C. Borch, A. Christin. 2015. “Using, Making, and Rediscovering “The Classics”: A Conversation Between ASA Award Winners.” Perspectives: ASA Theory Section Newsletter, Spring issue.

A. Christin. 2014. “When it comes to chasing clicks, journalists say one thing but feel pressure to do another,” Nieman Journalism Lab, August 28, 2014

A. Christin, O. Donnat. 2014. “French and American Cultural Participation. Elements of Comparison.” Culture Etudes, 2014 (1): 1-16. PDF

A. Christin. 2008. “Juger dans l’urgence,” Sciences Humaines, December issue.

Book chapters

“Circulations transnationales et traductions malaisées. Revisiter l’internationalisation des médias à partir du cas du journalisme en ligne.” Forthcoming in Regards sociologiques sur l’internationalisation des médias, Ed. Jean-Baptiste Comby, Presses Universitaires de Rennes.

“Mesures d’audience ou mesures de valeur? La réception différenciée des clics dans le journalisme en ligne en France et aux États-Unis.” Forthcoming in French-American Comparisons, Eds. Daniel Sabbagh and Maud Simonet, Presses Universitaires de Rennes.

Work in Progress

Between Clicks and Pulitzers: How American and French Web Journalists Decide What Counts. Book under advanced contract with Princeton University Press.

“Counting Clicks. Quantification and Commensuration in Online Journalism in the United States and France” (2nd Revise and Resubmit)

  • 2014 Shils-Coleman Best Student Paper Award, Theory Section, American Sociological Association
  • 2014 Best Student Paper Award, Communication and Information Technologies Section, American Sociological Association

“Algorithms in Practice: Comparing Web Journalism and Criminal Justice.”

“Work and Identity in an Era of Precarious Employment: ‘Personal Branding’ Discourse in the United States and France” (with Steven Vallas)

“Cultural Participation, Cohort Effects, and Higher Education: Comparing the United States and France (1981-2012),” Sciences Po OSC Working Paper (with Philippe Coulangeon and Olivier Donnat)

“Big Data Analytics and Criminal Sentencing: A Critical Assessment”

“From ‘Champs’ to ‘Fields’: The Transnational Circulation of a Sociological Concept” (with Marianne Blanchard)

Snobs versus Omnivores? Musical Taste in the United States and France,” CACPS Working Paper #40.

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