• Nice coverage of my current research on algorithmic effects in web journalism and criminal justice in Stanford News, Usbek & Rica, and France Inter, among other places
  • Fresh off the (digital) press: I just published an article in Big Data & Society on “Algorithms in practice: Comparing web journalism and criminal justice
  • Here’s a video of a talk I gave in Paris on predictive algorithms in criminal justice at the Institut National des Hautes Etudes de la Sécurité et de la Justice (in French)
  • I’m in the Raw Data Stanford podcast “The Legal Codes” with Sarah Brayne and Sharad Goel, among other great people
  • I’m teaching a class at Stanford on “The Politics of Algorithms” (here’s the Syllabus). Get in touch if you want to share teaching resources!
  • I’ve started my new position as Assistant Professor of Communication at Stanford University (09/2016)
  • My book, Searching For Clicks, is under contract with Princeton University Press (07/2016)